AMBER All Purpose Cleaner (750ml)
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AMBER All Purpose Cleaner (750ml)

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Are you looking for a highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner? AMBER removes dirt and grime both from the car exterior and interior! Powerful and effective. Especially helpful while eliminating greasy dirt. Dilution varies in accordance with the nature and extent of dirt to remove, 10% on average. Please remember to wipe AMBER away with water or a damp microfiber towel.

Scent: perfumed

effective cleaning


high concentration

  • very strong cleaning properties
  • degreases and removes even difficult dirt
  • alkaline character
  • versatile
  • highly concentrated
  • prepare the solution with the concentration suitable for the degree of soiling
  • recommended concentration - 10%
  • clean the surface
  • neutralize with clean water - rinse or wipe from the surface
  • work in the optimal conditions - avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight; work indoors
  • don't let the product dry on the surface
  • storage conditions: shadow, 5-25 Celsius degrees