AVENTURINE IPA Cleaner (750ml)
AVENTURINE IPA Cleaner (750ml)
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AVENTURINE IPA Cleaner (750ml)

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Do you need a product that perfectly removes dirt and grime? AVENTURINE IPA Cleaner is a professional degreaser, containing 99% isopropanol! Indispensable, while preparing paintwork for wax or ceramic coat application. Vitally important for paint correction - removes polishing compound residues and eases the final inspection process. Handy in wintertime – works as a deicer. Appropriate for paintwork, rims, and glass surfaces.

Available capacities

750 ml 5 l

Scent: natural

strong degreasing properties

  • very strong degreaser
  • excellent cleaning properties
  • fully concentrated - can be diluted
  • multifunctional
  • easy to use
  • spray on a microfiber
  • or cleaning surface
  • remove dirt or degrease the paitwork


  • work in the optimal conditions - avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight; work indoors
  • don't let the product dry on the surface
  • storage conditions: shadow, 5-25 Celsius degrees