CARNELIAN Active Foam (750ml)
CARNELIAN Active Foam (750ml)
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CARNELIAN Active Foam (750ml)

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The first stage of car cleaning is pre-wash. Why should you use CARNELIAN,  our highly concentrated alkaline active foam? It forms a thick and fluffy lather that decreases and lifts up the dirt. It’s streak-free and spotless. What is more, your paintwork will be protected by corrosion inhibitors. The pre-wash concentration depends on how dirty your car is (normally 2-10%). As usual for all active foams, please remember not to let it dry on the surface.

Scent: perfumed

corrosion inhibitors

effective cleaning

high concentration

  • very strong cleaning properties
  • degreases the surface and removes even very stubborn dirt
  • alkaline character
  • does not leave streaks
  • contains corrosion inhibitors
  • regulate a foam gun or make a dilution in a manual foamer
  • suggested dilution 2-10% - depending on water hardness and level of contamination
  • do pre-wash
  • leave for1-2 min (don't allow to dry!)
  • rinse with water under high pressure


  • work in the optimal conditions - avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight; work indoors
  • don't let the product dry on the surface
  • use gloves
  • storage conditions: shadow, 5-25 Celsius degrees