HELIODOR Interior Detailer (750ml)
HELIODOR Interior Detailer (750ml)
HELIODOR Interior Detailer (750ml)
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HELIODOR Interior Detailer (750ml)

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Are you looking for a product that cleans and protects all car interior surfaces – plastics, textiles, velour, wood, leather, or Alcantara? It’s all about our HELIODOR Interior Detailer! Easily removes dirt and leaves a natural look. Slows down dust sedimentation thanks to antistatic properties. Extremely effortless – spray on a microfiber towel, remove dirt, buff until dry. Doesn’t need neutralizing with water.

Available capacities

750 ml 5 l

Scent: perfumed

effective cleaning


natural look

  • very good cleaning properties
  • suitable for a wide range of surfaces
  • antistatic properties
  • very efficient
  • easy to use
  • ready to use
  • spray on microfiber or directly on the cleaning surface
  • wipe away the dirt
  • buff until dry
  • for the better effect, you can use a brush or sponge depending on the kind of surface
  • use with the foamer for to extend the time of action
  • przeprowadzaj pracę możliwie w optymalnych warunkach - unikaj wysokich temperatur, wilgotności, słońca; pracuj w pomieszczeniu
  • nie pozostawiaj produktu do wyschnięcia
  • optymalna temperatura przechowywania 5-25 stopni