MORGANITE Interior Dressing (750ml)
MORGANITE Interior Dressing (750ml)
MORGANITE Interior Dressing (750ml)
AUTO GRAPH Detailing

MORGANITE Interior Dressing (750ml)

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Autograph Detailing - MORGANITE Innenraum Pflege (750ml)

What if your dashboard always looks new? MORGANITE Satin Interior Dressing protects and nurtures the dashboard and other cockpit elements. Perfectly shields against dirt and repels dust. Leaves elegant, satin finish. Enhances and saturates colors. Extremely effortless - just shake, spray on a microfiber towel or sponge applicator, spread evenly on the surface, and leave to dry.

Available capacities

750 ml 5 l

Scent: perfumed



satin look

  • protects the surface against soiling
  • slows down dust sedimentation
  • leaves elegant, satin look
  • clean the surface with HELIODOR Interior Detailer
  • apply MORGANITE on a microfiber or an applicator
  • spread evenly 
  • leave to dry
  • work in the optimal conditions - avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight; work indoors
  • don't let the product dry on the surface
  • storage conditions: shadow, 5-25 Celsius degrees