ONYX Tire Dressing (750ml)
ONYX Tire Dressing (750ml)
ONYX Tire Dressing (750ml)
ONYX Tire Dressing (750ml)
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ONYX Tire Dressing (750ml)

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Dreaming about deep black, satin look tires? ONYX Tire Dressing protects tires and makes them look perfect for a long time.  What is more, the unique SiO2 formula repels dirt and protects against weather conditions. Additionally, it makes rubber softer, more flexible, and resistant to aging. Effortless to use – spray on applicator or microfiber towel, spread evenly on the tire surface.

Available capacities

750 ml 5 l

Scent: perfumed


drying effect

satin look

  • protects tires
  • leaves a satin finish
  • repels water and pollution
  • prevents premature aging
  • wash and dry surfaces
  • put on the applicator or microfiber
  • spread evenly over the tires
  • work in optimal conditions - avoid high temperatures, humidity, sun; work indoors
  • do not leave the product to dry
  • use gloves and protective clothing
  • optimal storage temperature 5-25 degrees